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#Intermezzo: Robot Food Design Fizz Wine Bottles for Christmas

At the point when unlimited strings of pixie lights have been detangled and the present frenzy has died down, having the capacity to go through the Christmas season with the individuals who matter makes the pressure all the advantageous. So this Christmas (in light of the soul of fellowship) Leeds organization Robot Food needed to give its companions and customers a happy present to share and celebrate with. What’s more, what preferable approach to celebrate over with a jug of bubble?


Robot Food


Never ones to take after custom, Robot Food renounced the standard happy signs to convey a more individual touch to the containers’ plan. Every single individual from the office’s group was relegated a letter to plan (or workmanship coordinate) with the basic brief, “make it yours”. Separately, every container is a novel outline that addresses the character of its maker yet together offers a bubbly message from the group in a mixed gathering of taste and style.

Honor winning vineyard, Halfpenny Green, were sufficient to supply Robot Food with their flavorful English shimmering wine – made in the conventional ‘Champagne’ technique and a genuine challenger to its French partner.

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The group utilized therapist sleeves, carefully printed by Berkshire Labels on HP Indigo presses, and connected to bottles by A&S Packing on a steam contracting line. The jugs were then reclaimed to Halfpenny Green where the thwart tops were connected before the Robot Food group put a hand-completed touch to the containers with the ‘RF’ logo neck tag.

“We’re a group of various tastes and styles, diverse gifts and specialities. Comparable to we are freely, we’re taking care of business when we cooperate. Our gathering of 20 bottles has been made by 20 people – each letter planned by an alternate colleague. Together we trust you have a Merry Christmas!”

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