Dramatic Portraits

Photoshop Tips: How to Make Dramatic Portraits

Picture taker Sean Tucker made this 36-minute video that strolls through altering Dramatic Portraits in Photoshop. Watch Tucker’s whole procedure from beginning to end as he breathes life into his pictures.


Dramatic Portraits


The primary thing that he does is to apply the control of thirds, ensuring that the best third sits on the eyebrows of his subject. Securing the creation of the shot right off the bat amid an alter is a characteristic initial step.

Next, Tucker goes ahead to utilize the mending brush to evacuate little “diversions” from the shot. For instance, stray hairs or muddled eyebrows. Be that as it may, he’s not hoping to complete a “wonder modify” here and is rather simply tidying things up.


Dramatic Portraits


Keep in mind, when playing out a generous alter this way, it is vital to build your alter work process utilizing layers. On the off chance that you wish to move back an alter or alter your opinion later on, you have significantly more adaptability if every modification is contained in its own layer.

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Tucker leads countless sorts of alters in this walkthrough video, and it’s intriguing to perceive how he abuses every alteration. And in addition the modifying, he works with the evade and consume instruments, shading conditioning, honing, and differentiate. The greater part of this is finished utilizing fastidious concealing and mixing modes.

He even ventures to add a surface layer to the shot, veiling it away from plain sight and adding some profundity to the picture. At last, he delivers both a shading and high contrast adaptation of the picture.

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