Colorful Grunge Portrait

How to Make Colorful Grunge Portrait on Photoshop

This impact is so basic and quick, however delivers such a shocking and one of a kind appearance, that you’ll in a split second love it. Truth be told, I’m willing to wager that you’ll invest very some energy playing with varieties, brushes and diverse photographs to perceive what kind of looks you can make. How about we bounce right in.


How to Make Colorful Grunge Portrait on Photoshop

#1 – A Good Texture Base

For one thing, you require a decent worn paper surface. I’m utilizing one from our Free High Res Paper Texture Set. I knock the complexity a bit utilizing ( Image | Adjust | Levels ). My report is 558×837 at 72dpi.


#2 – Apply Your Portrait

I discovered this incredible picture of John Lennon to use for this illustration. I reordered it to a layer over my surface.

Next, I knock up the differentiation utilizing ( Image | Adjust | Levels ), the sum will change in view of your photograph. At that point I connected a ( Filter | Artistic | Watercolor )… Again, the settings will change in light of your photograph. Fundamentally, you need to give the picture a decent painted impact, similar to the one beneath.

#3 – Begin Painting

Next up, make another layer most importantly others. Presently change over to see the channels board and ( Cmd + Click ) the RGB channel thumbnail to make a choice.

Presently back finished to the layers board, press the layer cover symbol with the new best layer chose. This will apply a cover from the choice you made on the channels board. You can discharge the choice by squeezing ( Cmd + D ). With the cover thumb chose press ( Cmd + I ) to modify the hues. You would now be able to erase the first picture layer.

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Presently we’re prepared to paint. Pick the best layer and utilizing a decent grunge brush ( I’m utilizing this set, however any great grunge brush will do ). Start painting by haphazardly clicking around the layer utilizing an alternate splendid shading each time.

Keep developing your hues until the point when you feel it is finished. Some portion of the fun is deciding when you’ve achieved that point.

Here is my finished grunge picture. As a discretionary last advance, I included an outskirt by filling a choice with 60% white. I trust you have some good times trying different things with this procedure!

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