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10 Unexpected Photoshop Shorcuts Working with Layers

Adobe just discharged this supportive 2-minute video that offers 10 convenient alternate routes you can use in Photoshop Shorcuts when working with layers.


Photoshop Shorcuts


Here’s a snappy once-over of the 10 alternate ways,

1. Add layer veils to conceal all

To rapidly add a layer veil to conceal the greater part of a layer, simply hold down the Option key on Mac (or Alt on Windows) and tap on the “Include Layer Mask” catch in the Layers board.



2. Erase layer covers

Rather than dragging a layer cover into the container, you can perfectly tap the layer veil itself and erase it from the tooltip menu that shows up.



3. Include a layer veil based choices

Making a layer veil of a choice you have made is a valuable activity for Photoshop clients. Tapping the “Include Layer Mask” catch will uncover your choice, yet in the event that you need to shroud it then you simply need to hold the Option key on Mac (or Alt for Windows) while clicking.



4. Upset a layer veil

In the event that you need to reverse your layer cover, simply hold Command + I on Mac (or Control + I on Windows) to rapidly move between the two.



5. Move a layer cover between layers

Basically snap and drag the layer veil between various layers to apply it somewhere else.



6. Copy a layer cover between layers

In the event that you need to move your layer cover onto another layer, while holding its position on the first later, simply hold the Option key on Mac (or Alt key on Windows) and afterward snap and drag to the new layer.



7. Move veils autonomously

To move a veil autonomously of the layer it is connected to, simply tap the little steel between them to unlink it.

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8. Show the veil as an overlay

Tap the Backslash key on your console to demonstrate the overlay of your cover.



9. Focus on the layer or veil

Charge + 2 on Mac (or control + 2 on Windows) will focus on the layer, though Command + Backslash on Mac (or control + oblique punctuation line on Windows) will focus on the cover.

To incidentally handicap the cover, simply hold down the Shift key and tap on the veil.



10. Change the thickness and edge of a cover

To non-ruinously change the thickness of edge, you can move the “Thickness” slider in the Properties board. To modify and quill the edge of the cover, move the “Plume” slider in a similar board.

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